Web Development


Web Services & Technologies

  • PHP, AJAX & MySQL Sites & perl Programming
  • Flash Freelancing ( Advanced Actionscript) Sites
  • E-commerce - Bespoke developments, Joomla, Protx, Drupal
  • Content Management Systems (CMS), Bespoke and Off-The-Shelf
  • Mobile software development (iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile etc)
  • In-flight entertainment systems ( complex javascript applications and browsers )
  • Online gaming installations
  • Media and Gallery sites ( photographers and artists etc )
  • and more..

Focused Development

Web Site Development That Works For You

Many web-sites these days end up being little more than show-pieces for web companies that built them. They don't quite achieve their intended purpose - selling the client's message or product!

I like to keep things simple where possible, you don't have to have an all singing all dancing site if it doesn't get you more customer sales and/or inquiries. There is a place for the latest dazzling technique, but it always ought to work for you and never the other way around.

Uhmm... can we get back to you about that?

Ever felt your developer didn't really know what they were doing?

The other side to web technology overkill is the 'we can't do this and it probably wouldn't work anyway' situation. I have been involved with technologies that will cover the core of 99% of common inquiries

Flexible Terms That Suit You

Freelance project management and programming means I am here only when YOU need me. I like to build relationships with clients, this allows me to prioritise workload and know more of your anticipated projects schedule. You'll probably have ways you prefer to work, no problem. I like to think of what we do as really just more team members for you or your organisation.

Plus Points

  • Yes I do rush and weekend work. If it's tight and you need it, just contact me with the details
  • Yes I can attend technical meetings with you or on your behalf.
  • Yes we'll try something new - got a new idea or technique, we are happy to research for you and supply technical brief & analysis.
  • Yes I am happy to accept final payments when your happy. Can't get any fairer than that.

PHP Scripting Language

PHP Programming

PHP is one of our most requested technologies. It's great for dynamic web pages. I can even host your site developments from my servers which are updated to PHP 5.x and MySQL 5.x. The fact is 99.9% of your target market/audience will be able to access the latest PHP installations. It's a flexible technology (multiple operating systems), tried and tested and best of all it's free (under the GNU license).

  • PHP uses a lot of syntax from C, Perl and Java
  • It has excellent SQL database support - especially MySQL
  • It's free under the GNU license
  • It is widely supported on the majority servers
  • It has massive pre-built routines, libraries and support from all around the world
  • It is in constant development
  • Good security protocols - but PHP best practice development must be adhered to

We can work with many of the main frameworks that use PHP - Zend, CakePHP and Symfony.

OK so lets talk..

Why not? You can get an estimate or just request more details. I'll try and make it worth your while and it won't cost a thing!

Call or mail me and let me know how I can help you get your desired task done.

My Links

Portfolio Work

  • Castle Gibson Flash Website
  • Xenophon Ankrah Flash CMS & Ecommerce Website

Workplacements Charity

Currently finishing off a site for a client. Involves HTML and CSS markup. Awaiting content and layout finalisation.

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