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Getting noticed on the world wide web..

...has never been more of a challenge. Search Engine Optimisation is essential for the majority of web based enterprises because it is often the only way to bring more customers in. I don't promise the world, be wary of those who do, but there are established search engine frieindly ways to improve your sites standings.

  • If you want to get higher rankings
  • You or your client are launching a new venture and neeed web exposure
  • You need help wkith your Google Adword marketing
  • You are not happy with your current rankings
  • You want to measure the success of your marketing campaign
  • Know what your competitors are doing!

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Every Little Counts

Providing technical SEO improvenments is what we do best. If you need help with creative SEO copywriting I can link you up with some of our creative partners. There are many things that go to improving a site, and they are constantly evolving, here are just a few of the improvements on offer;

  • Link building
  • Valid W3C XHTML CSS
  • Keyword management
  • Social Network management
  • Absolutely NO spam based or Black Hat site optimising
  • *New* Google Caffeine - site navigation, site optimisation etc
  • much more

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