• Castle Gibson

    Castle Gibson Flash Website

    The Wall Creative Agency

    Full Flash Gallery. Required Action script development, link building and XHTML. Creative assets were delivered as PSD. Was actually part of a bigger development and the build was incorporated in.

  • Xenophon Ankrah

    Xenophon Ankrah Flash CMS & Ecommerce Website

    Xenophon Ankrah Photography

    Complex User Light Box Management, CMS, Flash & HTML development. Gallery is Flash and controlled by a content management system. Users can have thier own lightboxes, complete with login and administration backend.

  • Babycakes Romero

    Babycakes Romero Blog, CMS & Ecommerce Website

    Babycakes Romero Film Director

    Blog Site, Bespoke CMS, Ecommerce, Full Site Admin, Image Gallery, Movie Player. Client wanted a fully featured media site, complete with blog and ecommerce.

  • Work Placements - Under Development

    Workplacements HTML & CSS Website

    Work Placements International Charity

    Another HTML & CSS site for non profit charity I have been involved with. Client was happy with layout and project is expected to be completed in early 2010

  • Gifts By Design

    Gifts CMS, HTML & CSS Website

    Bluw Creative Digital Angency

    Content Management System (CMS), Browser compliant, Client specifically requested a much simplified CMS Admin. Required PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS.

  • ROK Data - Under Development

    ROK Data Recovery HTML & CSS Website

    ROK Data Recovery UK

    HTML & CSS site for a UK base data recovery partner company. More features will be added over next few months.

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I also with agencies, designers and programmers. All the work I do for them is under a NDA unless they have said otherwise.

Portfolio Work

  • Castle Gibson Flash Website
  • Xenophon Ankrah Flash CMS & Ecommerce Website
  • Gifts CMS, HTML & CSS Website
  • Workplacements HTML & CSS Website

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