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iPhone, iPad, Windows 7, Blackberry & Android Apps

We love all things mobile!

With first hand experience managing handheld and mobile projects with major companies. I would love to hear from you if your thinking of developing the next great iPhone app or just want to get your site to work on the major mobile platforms. We work with most of the major technologies:

  • * c++ / c# / objective c
  • * java / j2me (all areas) / swing
  • * brew

... and many of the main platforms:

  • * iPhone / iPad
  • * Blackberry
  • * Nokia (Symbian)
  • * Windows Mobile
  • * Android (Mobile & Tablets)

Our work is based on your initial briefs & application flow charts. The development regime for mobile and handheld platforms is not quite the same as for web. The technologies used vary greatly from platform to platform and in some ways testing needs to be even more vigorous. Also building sites for mobile is best when knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your targeted hardware.

Size really doesn't matter

Happy to work on projects of any size whether freelance or contract work. As usual deadlines can be guaranteed for added peace of mind. An average application will take a few weeks +, depending on size and urgency. As pricing is fixed per project and not usually by the hour, this allows you room for the project to breathe as opposed to being strangled by too much 'clock watching'.


Mobile Video

Streaming success

Being one of the few to have real experience in mobile video streaming, means you have the option to explore this cutting edge technology with us. It's a minefield out there and mobile video streaming is best trusted to those with some experience. I was recently commissioned to work with a company who wanted to stream video to 3 of the major mobile platforms, including server installation.

Technologies & Services..

  • * Application Porting *New*: LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Apple iOS
  • * Browsers: Wide browser support. WAP 2.0 - Mobile XHTML, WML
  • * Comms - HTTP & HTTPS ( with MIDP 2.0 devices )
  • * Streaming - Darwin & Helix Streaming server installation inc RTP protocols
  • * SMS, MMS Delivery: HTTP/S, SMTP, SOAP back-ends
  • * General & Game Graphics Development: 2/3D, Flash & SVG
  • * GUI: Apps that can take full advantage of each device's GUI hardware functionality
  • * IDE: Eclipse / Visual Studio +

And that little bit more..

Even if you only need a little troubleshooting, guidance or just want to sound out some ideas then please call. Sometimes great projects might just start from a small idea and need some pointers at the early stages. It's good to talk and I'd love to chat through your ideas with you ( I'll even call you back if you leave a message stating when is best for you ).

Call or mail me and let me know how I can help you get your desired task done.

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Keeping An Eye Out

All mobile programming comes with a post delivery warranty. Beta versions can be rolled out in a staggered fashion before a full launch.

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