Freelance Web Development

PHP Perl SQL MySQL Java J2ME C++ C# Flash Flex

My Web Services

  • Mobile Applications - iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile
  • E-Commerce sites - Start selling goods and services online. Competitive pricing.
  • Content Managed Sites - Control your site's content!
  • Bespoke CMS sites, Joomla, Oscommerce, EzPublish, TYPO3, Drupal, X-Cart Development
  • Table-less XHTML CSS W3C compliant sites
  • Blog sites, Wordpress customisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation - realistic and verifiable
  • Advanced Javascript Applications - including in-flight entertainment and browsers
  • PHP 5 Applications, inc PHP Live!
  • SQL ( inc MySQL 5 ) database development
  • Macromedia Flash - Advanced Actionscript and Flex coding
  • Bespoke e-commerce, business sites, Oscommerce, Shop-Script , Cubecart, Miva, Xcart, Virtuemart
  • .NET, VB.NET ASP.NET applications


I'm glad you found our site. Your probably here looking for a freelance web designer or iPhone / iPad development services. Glad you found us.. I manage a small bunch of UK & Europe based freelancers, who love project management and writing code - good code. Code for the internet, desktop platforms ( Mac, PC and Linux ) and mobile / hand-held environments.

Java Mobile Programming

Freelance UK Web Development, Mobile Programming & Project Management

  • Experienced UK bespoke web development and mobile software programming
  • Experience with Design Teams and Advertising Angencies - Full NDAs on all your work
  • I want you to have the business website or mobile app that does what YOU want it to do
  • Pre made Perl scripts ( and PHP scripts ) can make the job faster and cheaper
  • We're flexible - weekends and rush work are no problem for all web and PHP freelancer work
  • iPhone, iPad applications and freelance PHP programming services
  • Do you need access to a Perl Pogrammer ?
  • Drupal, OsCommerce & Joomla Programming

E-Commerce Internet Selling

Businesses ignore online sales to their own peril! Many companies have caught on but a significant number haven't yet realised the benefits of the online shopping experience for customers. Online shopping has several benefits over traditional 'bricks and mortar' sales:

  1. Customers can buy when they want as your 'doors' are always open
  2. No restrictive stocking issues due to lack space
  3. Minimised staffing costs - though solid site management and customer communications are crucial

W3C Valid XHTML Site Builds

We recognise the importance of solid XHTML markup, and can offer this as part of your development.

W3C XHTML was introduced to standardise the development and display of web sites across the web. The organisation, W3C, developed a set of rules that oversee the coding and subsequent validation of all XHTML sites. It relies heavily upon Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). XHTML/CSS rocks because: It brings a standardised experience to web users across many browsers. Safari, Explorer, Firefox and Opera etc.

XHTML/CSS allows for the presentation and content of web-sites to be defined more clearly and edited more easily Developers should more easily understand the code of a well coded XHTML site - even if they didn't build it Well coded XHTML ought to speed up the page loading times thereby offering a better experience for the viewer

Web Programming Mission Statement...

I believe in the value of excellence and a job well done. I have had several client's come to me with some stories of unfinished work, websites that didn't do what was requested, gross over-charging et al. So they came to me looking for project management or freelance programming. I like you to be happy, and that's a promise - I do want you to come back after all!

  • Fair - I like to think we price reasonably and fairly, ( have very rarely ever had a project lost due to fees )
  • Rock solid guarantees - Guarantee options for delivery times and performance.
  • 'Safe pair of hands' - I pride myself on being contactable and accountable. With a small but well formed bunch of programmers and PMs.
  • Flexible - Custom web programming and software development is a fast moving area. I am always open to new things.

Why us for your Web Development & Mobile Programming Services?

UK Freelance Programmer services - Good for business!

It doesn't have to be a leap of faith choosing us for your freelance work, even with the myriad of 'web services' out there. Just give me a call, we can chat through your ideas and what you need and give you some solutions that will work for you. I work with companies no matter the location or the size, looking for UK web developers, ( including London and the South East). My competitive pricing may well surprise you too.

Web Technologies and Mobile Frameworks

Currently taking on all types of freelance project management and web development work - MySQL database development, Perl, Javascript applications, PHP, .NET, Flash ( advanced action-script ) and mobile and desktop apps using C++, Objective C and Java ( inc J2ME ). We're increasingly working more with mobile-phone application projects. So if you are thinking of creating an iPhone app, or need a Blackberry developer ( Windows Mobile applications support too ) we really look forward to hearing from you. Even if you only need online web-site fixes, just call and I can chat it all through with you.

Flexible programming skills

After a few years of doing this, with different companies, we have developed many different types of sites - and they are rarely ever exactly the same. Bespoke or off-the shelf open-source back-office sites, shopping-carts - so you can sell online, database product management systems, full site web content management systems (CMS), blog sites and media streaming sites. Even your poorly coded HTML can be updated to proper XHTML CSS tableless W3C compliant code.